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Why Get an Uncontested Divorce in Texas Online?

To start the divorce process in Texas, you will need to determine what kind of marriage dissolution you are going to have. There are 2 common types of divorce in the state: contested and uncontested. What’s the difference?

  • Uncontested divorce in Texas can occur if both parties reached a consensus on the most important divorce issues. In other words, you will need to agree with your spouse on matters such as who will be taking care of your children and how you will be dividing your property or debts. If you do, you can get Texas uncontested divorce forms with the help of our service in just 30 minutes. Getting a divorce in Texas without a lawyer is a common practice for uncontested marriage dissolution cases.
  • Contested divorces are always finalized with the help of lawyers. If you and your spouse have misunderstandings regarding childcare after the marriage dissolution, spousal support, and the division of your assets or your Ex is against filing for divorce in Texas, you will need a professional lawyer’s assistance. In this case, it will take a lot of time to legally end your marriage and both of you will spend thousands on attorneys.

Most spouses try to come to an agreement about the most necessary aspects of their marriage dissolution to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Texas. If you would like to end things amicably, our company is always ready to assist you with filling out all divorce forms within the shortest time. This fast and easy Texas online divorce option is available for all couples that are planning to have an uncontested marriage dissolution, regardless of the number of kids or assets that need to be divided.

The Benefits of Our Service

We guarantee that you will be able to get all the necessary forms for your marriage dissolution in one place. You will not need to look for extra documents on the Internet or visit a local lawyer as the entire package of Texas uncontested divorce documents can be easily prepared with the help of our online service.

Cheap TX divorce

Being one of the cheapest solutions for divorce in Texas online, we always provide the most current papers upon request. With our help, you will be able to save over $10,000 in lawyer’s fees. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t have any hidden costs so you always know what you are paying for. You can get all your divorce papers in Texas online with a single payment.

Quick divorce in Texas

We offer the fastest option for filing for divorce in Texas online. All our customers can pass the questionnaire in less than 30 minutes and receive the entire package of uncontested divorce forms for Texas in a matter of days.

Printable divorce papers for Texas

All the documents you receive will be filled out with your personal information and ready to be printed. There will be no need to worry about making formatting changes or moving the fields.

Personal approach

You will receive Texas divorce forms online and we’ll make sure that each one suits your personal divorce case. Our managers carefully study every application to provide each client with a personalized set of documents.


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Filing for Divorce in Texas Without a Lawyer

Filing for divorce without a lawyer is a great money-saving option a lot of couples choose nowadays. Texas law does not require divorcing parties to hire a lawyer, especially when their marriage dissolution is uncontested, so you can find and fill out all Texas divorce papers by yourself without any assistance.

To divorce in Texas without a lawyer, you’ll need to:

  • Determine if you are eligible to file for divorce in Texas.
  • Prepare all the needed divorce documents. The number of forms will depend on whether you and your spouse have children together and if you own real property. You can get a set of forms approved by the Supreme Court of Texas with the help of our service.
  • File the paperwork and serve to your spouse. Once you submit the forms with the court, your Ex must receive a copy of the documents you have filed. If your spouse agrees to waive service of process, you can just send the Petition by mail or drop it off in person.
  • Wait for 60 days after filing. Once you have submitted the Answer or the Waiver signed by your spouse, and the waiting period is over, you can call the clerk to schedule your hearing.
  • Visit the hearing and answer judge’s questions if any.

Getting help with filing for divorce in Texas online is pretty easy. Sign up on our website, fill out a simple questionnaire and receive all the forms for your marriage dissolution via the email. As you will also receive free filing instructions, you will have no problems finalizing your divorce without lawyer’s assistance.

How to Complete a Do It Yourself Divorce in Texas?

DIY divorce in Texas without any help from online services or lawyers is likely to be a long and complicated process. Looking for TX divorce forms always requires plenty of time and effort. Even if you have lots of free time to look for each mandatory divorce form for Texas, you will surely face one serious issue: when it comes to divorce in Texas, forms that you will find online will very likely be outdated and, thus, won’t be accepted by the court. You need to have up-to-date and court-approved documents on you to complete your DIY divorce in Texas successfully.

Another problem people often face is making mistakes in their divorce documents. When you file for divorce in Texas, all your papers should be filled out properly and the questions in forms should be answered fully. If the court clerk finds a mistake or a misprint in your documents, your divorce packet will not be accepted. Moreover, you will need to make revisions until each form is filled out perfectly. Therefore, while doing everything yourself is obviously a cheap Texas divorce option, it may turn out to be rather burdensome. If you want an easy divorce in Texas that will also be affordable, OnlineDivorceTexas is always at your service.

What Do You Need to Get Texas Divorce Papers Online?

If you are preparing the documents for an uncontested marriage dissolution using our online service, we will ask you to provide some of your personal information so that we can fill out the paperwork for you. Here are some of the facts we would ask you to share:

  • The names of both spouses
  • The date and location of marriage.
  • Current address of both spouses and the address of all real property.
  • Income, debt, taxes and insurance information.
  • Financial accounts information.
  • Information about the children.

What Texas Divorce Forms Will You Get?

The number of documents you need to file depends on your personal divorce case. For example, in Texas uncontested divorce process varies slightly if you have children as you will need to complete more paperwork and file it not only to the court but also one of the departments of the attorney general’s office. When you order with us, we will consider the specifics of your situation to personalize your divorce package. Generally, it will either be a set of Texas divorce forms without children or Texas divorce forms with children with the following papers included:

When you file for divorce in Texas with our help, you will get all the necessary forms for dissolution of marriage along with detailed instructions on how to file them with the court. Read the guide carefully and file the documents according to the instructions. This way, you will be sure that you’re filing for a divorce correctly. With the help of our top-notch guide, you will be able to file the forms successfully and finalize the marriage dissolution timely.


  • Sign up on our website
  • Fill out a simple questionnaire
  • Receive all the necessary documents along with a filing guide
  • Print, sign, and file your paperwork with a district court.
  • Serve your spouse, and file the Answer or Waiver that they signed with the court.
  • Schedule a hearing after the waiting period is over and attend it to finalize your divorce.

Residency requirements

The divorce residency requirements for Texas are living in the state for at least 6 months, and being a resident of the county where you plan to file for at least 90 days. If either you or your spouse meet these requirements, feel free to start the process of dissolution of marriage in Texas.

Waiting period

The “cooling off” period in Texas is 60 days. Even if you choose an uncontested case, Texas law requires that you wait for 61 days to have your divorce is finalized. You should ask the court to waive the waiting period if you have any special circumstances.

Getting a Divorce in Texas With a Child

Filing for divorce in Texas with children is one of the most frequent concerns of our customers. If you have kids and decide to file for divorce in Texas, you and your spouse will need to agree on all issues concerning child custody, support, and visitations. When coming up with decisions, you need to consider the following:

If your arrangement is in the best interest of your kids, and you and your spouse are comfortable with it, it is very likely that a judge will accept it. When it comes to preparing forms, there will only be a few more questions for you to answer if you have children. You will not need to pay additionally to receive extra forms or wait for longer to get them. We are always ready to assist you with Texas divorce forms online with children so that you can quickly, easily, and peacefully end your marriage.


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Can I file for divorce in Texas without a lawyer?

Yes. In case if you are filing for an uncontested divorce, a lawyer is not needed. Uncontested divorce in Texas presupposes both parties being in agreement on various aspects of their post-divorce life such as how the property and debt will be distributed, if the alimony will be paid, who will have custody over kids, etc.

How to file for uncontested divorce in the state of Texas?

To file for uncontested divorce in Texas you need to take the following steps:

  • Prepare all divorce documents
  • File them and serve the copies to your Ex
  • Schedule a hearing after a 60-day waiting period
  • Attend a hearing and get your marriage dissolution finalized

Where do I go to file for uncontested divorce in Texas?

Find a district court in the county where you have lived for at least 90 days, which would mean that you meet the residency requirements there, and file your paperwork.

What divorce forms do you need to start a divorce in Texas?

The basic set of documents that you need to file are:

  • Civil Case Information Sheet
  • Divorce Petition Form for Texas (includes Summons)
  • ​Standard Possession Order (if kids are involved)
  • Other documents depending on your divorce case​

How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Texas?

In Texas, the filing fee is around $300. Depending on the county, there might be some additional court fees. If you are planning to hire a lawyer, be ready to spend approximately $5,000-$10,000 on an uncontested case, and up to $35,000 on a contested one. However, if you would like to use an online service instead, you will only spend $139 on your divorce paperwork.

How long does Texas divorce take?

The sooner you file, the faster you are likely to get a divorce. However, according to the state’s laws, the least amount of time it would take is 60 days after filing. This is a mandatory waiting period. If your divorce is uncontested, it will likely take about 3 months to finalize it. In a contested case, you will likely have to wait for 6-18 months.

How long do you have to be a resident of Texas to file for divorce?

The residency requirements for divorce in Texas are:

  • You/your spouse should live in the state for at least 6 months.
  • You/your spouse should live in the county where you plan to file in for at least 90 days.