Free Printable Divorce Forms for Texas

Deciding to end their marriage, people often hire an attorney to help them cope with a divorce. The fees they have to pay in the process often go through the roof as hourly rates of lawyers average at around $300. However, what most couples do not understand is that depending on their case, they might not need a legal representative at all.

If you think that you and your spouse can come to terms about your issues without outside help, you both consent to get a divorce, and a court will have nothing to decide for you, hiring a lawyer is optional. Instead, you may find blank divorce papers in pdf format and fill them out on your own, saving thousands in attorney’s fees.

Divorce Paperwork

Finding Texas uncontested divorce forms in pdf format usually takes quite a lot of time. In order to help you cope with this process faster, we have collected the most common documents required to file for a marriage dissolution. Whether you were looking for a full package of forms or just a Texas divorce decree template, we are here to provide you with all the necessary paperwork. These Texas legal forms are free to download, and you will only need to choose the ones suitable for your case to start filling them out.

We understand that it might be hard to pick the right documents sometimes. If you have no legal knowledge and have never dealt with divorce before, it might take you a while to figure out which forms are mandatory, which ones are filed only under special circumstances, and which ones are not a good fit for your situation. Moreover, answering certain questions might require some research as there is a lot of legal terminology in such papers. If you accidentally misinterpret what is asked of you and fill out the forms incorrectly, there is no chance that a court will accept them. This means that even the tiniest mistake can send you back to the starting point and delay your divorce for weeks.

However, not hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean that you need to deal with the divorce paperwork on your own. Our company is always ready to help you find suitable legal forms and fill them out for you for a very affordable price. We will not only provide you with the full package of documents required for filing, but also the instructions on what to do next, each step of the way to finalizing your marriage dissolution.

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